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About Liliana De Leo

Liliana De LeoLiliana De Leo is a passionate teacher who loves teaching people how they can quickly and effectively save lives. In every class she begins with these main questions; “Would you know what to do if someone you loved suddenly stopped breathing due to a choking accident?” Or, “What would you do if someone next to you suddenly collapsed and you quickly assessed that they’ve stopped breathing?” Liliana teaches her students that the steps required for these situations are quite simple. Students soon realize they become an important asset to increasing a victim’s chance of survival if they take appropriate action. Liliana became a CPR & First Aid Instructor affiliated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in 2004, and later a Master Instructor in 2015. Along with teaching her own CPR and First Aid classes, she now also trains students in various health fields who wish to become licensed CPR Instructors.

What people say about Liliana and her classes;

“Liliana was friendly, clear, and concise. She was very professional and understands her job very well. The classroom was large and the environment was perfect.”

“An excellent fun, informative and approachable teacher. Will take her again in 3 years!”

“She was a very good instructor. Training was informative and hands on with practice session. Great information for everyone to know.”

“They did a great job teaching us all we needed to know for the course. Was very interactive and engaging.”

“Course was very informative and instructor was very enjoyable.”

“Une animation dynamique remplie d’interaction. Une formule parfaite pour un apprentissage facile independement de votre âge!”

“Must do – and Lili was a great instructor… fun and smart and full of resources.”

“Very pleased with the whole presentation of the CPR course. Well done!”

“Keep up the great job and the positivity you bring in your classroom!”

“They are very welcoming and open to any concerns or questions one may have. They make you feel comfortable throughout the whole course which is important.”

“Merci j’ai été satisfaite et je compte y retourné! Excellente connaissance dans le domaine et garder votre bonne humeur, gentillesse et votre sourire!”

“Très belle experience avec Liliana! Merci beaucoup, le cours est vraiment intéressant! Poursuivez votre bon travail!”

“Great, informative, and entertaining class. It’s a wonderful experience that everyone should have.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in an entertaining way.”